3545 South Las Vegas Boulevard, Suite L15A

Choose the level of throughput your event requires and general direction you want guests to experience (fear of height, tour the world, flying, scares, educational, race car driving, etc) and target customers (male, female, kids, families, groups, tourists, corporate, etc).

All of our adventures are available for
– 1 day
– 1 week
– promotion touring.

Game Specifications

You choose the degree of service you want us to provide to your clients. A typical booking entails

– simulator including VR headsets, computers, gear, hygienic protection and cleaning devices

– staff to operate

– transportation to and from your clients‘ venue

  • load-in / load-out dock or door to access the event area with pallet jacks
  • electrical (standard 110V plugs in most cases – ask us for more details)
  • space (typically 15x15ft per simulator/adventure)
  • internet connection

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